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a peculiar value

i guess she's out there somewhere

a.m. homes, acoustic guitar, adaptation, adrian tomine, ambient music, androgyny, animal rights, annie dillard, anonymity, aqua teen hunger force, archives, autumn, bicycles, björk, black coffee, boards of canada, bright yellow rainslickers, browsing used book stores, charlie kaufman, clara schumann, claude debussy, cocteau twins, compassion, cruddy, death, disappearing acts, documentary film, edward hopper, egon schiele, eileen myles, emily watson, ennui, ernest chausson, escapism, etymology, field recordings, forgotten snapshots, gender fluidity, gretel ehrlich, growing, gustav klimt, handwritten letters, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, hearts of space, hem, henry darger, honeycrisp apples, hope, identity, idiosyncrasies, immersion, independent media, infj, interlibrary loan, intuition, invisibility, jeanette winterson, jennifer higdon, july, kaki king, kate braverman, kristin hersh, language, lauren slater, le tigre, libraries, losing myself in books, lynda barry, lyricism, marc chagall, marchenbilder, mary gaitskill, maurice ravel, max richter, mazzy star, medical illustration, meet me in montauk, melancholia, memory, mst3k, music through the night, natural history, neko case, nick drake, night, northern coasts, nostalgia, obscurity, october, old favorites, one! hundred! demons!, open windows, orchestral color, phoebe gloeckner, pipe dreams, pj harvey, pockets, polyphony, porch swings, punch-drunk love, rachel carson, rachel's, rain, ralph vaughan williams, rebecca clarke, rebecca solnit, recovery, red house painters, reverb, richard brautigan, rites of passage, road trips, rooftops, rural decay, sarah polley, scars, scrabble, semi-colons, sergei rachmaninoff, short stories, six feet under, sleep, slowdive, social anxiety disorder, solitude, storytelling, stringed instruments, swimming, swing carousels, synesthesia, the firebird (1945), the pacific northwest, the sea, this american life, thunderstorms, trees, unexpected joie de vivre, vegetarian bibimbap, virginia euwer wolff, virginia woolf, visceral responses, walking, wanderlust, wildlife rehabilitation, woods, words